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Spring 2023: Projects in Creative Coding

Project 3 thumbnail from creative coding site

In the spring of 2023, I was a student in a creative coding class that proved to be extremely engaging and informative. The following link will connect you to a collection of exercises and projects I completed within that semester on its original site:*Creative Coding - Home*

p5js DIY Photoshop:

example drawing created with the DIY Photoshop application

This is my approach to a photoshop application coded in p5.js. My goal was to create a set of tools which could be used to create images with symbols and images related to ancient demons and biblical angels.

Keys 1-0 all have tools assigned to them, as well as the 'g' key. The 'p' key will save and download your current piece as it is on the canvas and the 'x' key will clear the canvas. Experiment and have fun!

The image above gives an example of each of the available brushes and how they may be used.

DIYPS below, all tools functional in the black canvas below:


Interactive Game Coded with p5.js: The Sneaky Magpie

This is an interactive game coded in p5.js. The Sneaky Magpie is a single player game where the main goal is to steal progressively more valuable shiny objects until the player is sneaky enough to steal the **Shiniest Prize**. If they are able to do so, they will unlock the ultimate gift of ancient, shiny knowledge! To learn more about the magpie rhyme, here is my source: Magpie Rhyme and Variations
All images I used were open source with no restriction, however I wanted to credit Dimitris Christou, who's image upload of a diamond to Pixabay (used in level 3) has proven useful in two of my projects now