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view of the moon

[Photo above taken by R. M. Huddlestun]

If you are interested in speaking with me further, feel free to contact me at: m.e.huddlestun@gmail.com

M. Huddlestun is an artist living and working in San José, California with a BFA in Pictorial Art and a minor in Digital Media Art from San José State University. Sustained by a fascination with natural and supernatural phenomena, Huddlestun’s practice centers on developing evolving bodies of insight and inquiry which produce idiosyncratic studies and mythologies across artistic disciplines. Often realized in the form of multimedia works on paper, web-based interactive poetry/storytelling, and interdisciplinary projects; these works have been featured in multiple solo and group exhibitions as well as locally recognized through the Downtown Foundation’s Downtown Doors prize.

My work unfolds in the practice of seeking and rumination as a means of revealing spaces where veils become thin and the potential for the transformational or phenomenal presents itself. By communing with these points of insight and tracing the webs that connect them, my practice produces collections of work which embody and document this process.

My practice is realized across artistic disciplines, seeking the material and processual language that will articulate the needs of the work in the most organic possible manner. In many cases this takes the form of multimedia works on paper, web-based storytelling, and interdisciplinary projects. Objects, places, memory, and language act as references and tethers that allow me to suspend myself within the work in a form of conversation and ritual. My works remain supported by these conceptual architectures and fed by a fascination with the natural sciences, empathy, poetry, and grief. This relationship between myself, the work, and our shared environments is fostered by time and study.

Through the collection of fragmentary glimpses into supernatural, ecological, and cosmological spaces, my practice produces intertwining dialogues of nature and fantasy while seeking to engage with art as a practice of myth and medicine.

2019 San José Downtown Doors Winner, San José Downtown Foundation
2022 Malady, solo exhibition at Gale Antokal Gallery, San José State University
2022 NASAD Re-Accreditation Exhibition, works selected to feature in SJSU Art Dept. group exhibition, San José State University
2022-2023 Perspectives, approx. 30 ft x10 ft indoor mural
2023 Art Department Open House, SJSU Art Dept. group show, San José State University
2023 Beyond, solo exhibition at Jo Farb Hernández Gallery, San José State University
2023 Pressed 4 Time, Printmaking group exhibition, Gale Antokal Gallery, San José State University
2023 contributing artist for 2023 print variant, SJSU Humanities and Arts Dept. Dean’s greeting cards