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Digital Works - Video

Thumbnail from the Under Growth video

Under Growth, 2023, 0'21"

You can view the video *here*

I began developing Under Growth by thinking about green screen compositing as a way to place an individual in a space that they wish to be in or have gone in their mind that they could never otherwise occupy. I was thinking a lot about the enchanted quality of forest floor still life paintings, as well as the sense of peace I find in observing small patches of growth. This composition was made in Blender, where I found I could approach the composition of the work in a very similar manner to setting up an actual still life. I also enjoyed exploring the way that this mode of working mirrors many traditional approaches to special effects in early film and theatre. I created a variety of animated green screen effects in a separate application and pulled them into the scene, as well as animating the camera to move throughout the scene as the piece loops.